High-tech App for making
Passport- and Visa-Photos.

White background correct background light wrong background light

Intuitive interface design

The App has been designed with a completely intuitive interface, explained by clear icons (partly as animations). If the user wants more information each function also has an info-page.

All pages are in the user's language (English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Finnish, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Indonesian etc.).

Mark your left eye biometric markers

Patented Biometric Marker Technology

As the video shows the user must mark the biometric characteristics (eyes, chin-point, etc.) of his/her face. With this information the built-in algorithm will calculate the exact size and position of the head, complying with the specific country related requirements for a Passport- or Visa-photo.

Our patented technology has already been used for the production of millions ID-documents.

Your Passport or Visa photo Background color is now complying
with the official specifications
photo background correction

Automated background color adjustment

This unique function changes the background color of the photo automatically in the right background color as specified by the country for which you want to make a Passport- or Visa-photo (for instance: the USA government specifies a white background; the German government a light-gray background). If there are still some shadows visible the user can correct this by the side-keys.

Select an action Print Change size E-Mail Save photo Home print, mail or save photos

Options for wireless printing, uploading, e-mailing or saving

After clicking at the biometric markers and after the background color adjustment has been done, the user has a few options. If there is a wireless photo-printer available, the Passport- or Visa-photo can be printed directly. If not available there is an option for saving the Passport- or Visa-photo and print it via a USB-photo-printer.

If the user doesn't have a photo-printer the Passport- or Visa-photo can be sent to a photo-print service. If a digital Passport- or Visa-photo is required there is an option to e-mail a single Passport- or Visa-photo. The user can give the photo its own filename (for instance: student number or social security number).

Contact & Feedback

Commercial or professional parties are invited to contact us for dedicated usage of our App. Also private users can contact us directly.